The Technical Program for ASIAEM 2019 is organized into 18 Technical committees (TCs), as shown below:


Technical Committee Broad Area Description
TC 1 HPEM Sources, Antennas and Facilities (both wideband and narrowband)
TC 2 HPEM Applications of Coupling to Structures and Cables
TC 3 HPEM Measurement Techniques
TC 4 HPEM IEMI Threats, Effects and Protection
TC 5 HPEM System-level Protection and Testing
TC 6 HPEM Lightning EM Effects
TC 7 HPEM Numerical Models and Modeling
TC 8 HPEM Bio-effects and Medical Applications of EM Fields
TC 9 UWB Antenna Design, Radiation and Propagation
TC 10 UWB Radar Systems ( Signal Processing and Security) Aspects
TC 11 UWB Target Detection, Discrimination and Imaging
TC 12 UXO Landmine and IED Detection
TC 13 HPEM Electromagnetic Transients in UHV/EHV Transmission Lines and Substations
TC 14 HPEM Design of Protective Devices and Test Methods
TC 15 HPEM Evaluation of HEMP/IEMI Impacts on Critical Infrastructure
TC 16 HPEM Explosive Devices Effects and Protection for HPEM
TC 17 HPEM Statistical Methods in HPEM
TC 18 HPEM HPEM Standards